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How To Care For Your Water Heater

Sediment is the #1 reason why water heaters break. Keeping the sediment out is a simple monthly chore.
  • Check for leaks around the valves, pipe connection and under the heater.
  • If you have a new water heater, drain the sediment every 8 months to a year. Turn off the water heater. Open the valve on the bottom of the tank and let the water drain for about one minute.
  • The pressure relief valve is a very important part of the water heater. If it is not working properly, the water heater could explode. Get it fixed immediately if it is broken. Be very careful when checking the pressure valve. When you lift the handle, it is possible that very hot water may suddenly rush at you. Lift the handle when the water heater is full. If the pressure valve is broken, one of three things might happen:
    1. The valve won’t release.
    2. It won’t shut off when you are done checking.
    3. The valve locks in place. This is due to rust.
  • If you don’t get hot water in your gas water heater, make sure the pilot light is on.
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Something else to keep in mind is to make sure that your flow switch is working properly. Making sure your heater is in good condition will lead to better efficiency.

Maintenance of the heater is very important and necessary. Thank you for the detailed story.
Freddy Braun

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