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Get an Internship - Internships Are a Great Way To Get Experience

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Internships are similar to apprenticeships. They are designed to give people with little or no experience hands on training. Unlike apprenticeships, internships are usually for professional jobs that do not require specific certifications.

Things You Should Know   Steps to Follow  
  • Many professions, such as journalism, law and business offer internships to inexperienced people looking to break into the profession.
  • Many internships are unpaid. Even the paid internships pay much less than what a professional in that field earns.
  • Many internships are only available to people who have a degree or are working on a degree in that field. For example, it is common for someone who is going to law school to intern or clerk at a law firm.
  • Interns usually do the same work as the professionals they work for.
  • Some internships include classroom learning.
  • Internships usually last for a limited amount of time. They can be for six months, one year or one semester of school. There are also a lot of summer internships.
  • Sometimes interns will be able to land permanent, long term jobs with the company they are interning for.
  • Through an internship, you can make valuable career contacts in the field you are interested in. These are people you can network with in the future. Learn more about networking.


  1. Prepare your resume and be ready to go through the interview process just like you would for any other job.
  2. If you are still in high school or college it is a good idea to talk to your teachers. Your teacher may know of internships that are right for you. They are also a good source for letters of recommendation.
  3. Use your school. High schools and colleges usually have services to help you find and land the right internship for you.
  4. Use your network including friends and family, to see if anyone has a connection to an internship.
  5. Browse the internet. Many companies will post information about internships on their websites.
  6. Applying for more than one internship is a good idea. You may not land your first choice and if you happen to land more than one, you can choose whichever program fits you better.



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