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Changing Your Position at the Company

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Sometimes, that new job you are dreaming of is at the same place you already work. It may seem like the position you want at your current job is harder to get than a position at a new company, but remember that you already have some things going for you:

  • They like you enough to have hired you for the job you have. You just need to convince them you have the ability to succeed in the new position.
  •  Since you already work there you should have a good idea how your company works and the types of qualities they value. You should also have a pretty good idea of what skills are needed for the new position.
  • You already have a relationship with the people making the decisions. This is a huge advantage over an outsider looking for the same position. If you are someone that your bosses feel comfortable with they are going to be more likely to choose you over a stranger with similar skills

Here are some tips to keep in mind when trying to make that successful transition from your position to the one you really want.

  • Map a course from your position to the new position. Are there others who have moved up from your position? Talk to them and find out what they did. See if there are specific skills they had to learn or certain relationships they had to form before getting the new position. Whatever they did obviously worked so there’s no shame in using their methods.
  • Talk to your supervisor and let them know you want to move up. If the position you want is in another department with a different supervisor then talk to them too. Ask them what you need to do to get where you want to be. Lay out a specific plan together. Have them set goals for you to reach to prove you are worthy of the new position then work hard to meet those goals.
  • Go over your resume. Make sure your resume is up to date and that it highlights the skills and experience you have that are needed in the new position. Make sure your company has the new resume.
  • Once you meet the goals set by you and your supervisor(s), meet with them again and let them know exactly how you have met those goals. Even if they decide you have not done enough to move up yet, don’t be discouraged. You are taking the right steps and success will come. Have them set new goals and continue to not only meet your goals, but to exceed them. Let them know you will not stop until you reach the ultimate goal of that new position.
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