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Typing Service

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If you have excellent typing skills you may want to consider starting a typing service. Many small businesses have letters that need to be typed, meetings that need to be recorded, and more. Writers, professors, teachers and even students have a lot of typing that needs to get done and many are willing to pay for it.

What You Will Need To Get Started   How Much Can I Make?  
  • You must be an excellent typist with a home computer that has programs such as Microsoft Word.
  • You should be familiar with digital dictation equipment.
  • You should have excellent spelling and grammar.
  • It’s always a good idea to get a business license.
  • You should talk with an attorney about setting up a legal business entity and about creating and reviewing your contracts.
  • You should set up a website advertising your services and rates.
  • You can take out advertisements in local trade publications like local legal publications, city magazines or alternative newspapers, which are popular on college campuses.


  • Most home typists charge $10-$20 per hour for their services.


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Hi I am looking for an evening at home typing job.
Would like to start ASAP.

What about a Notary business ?? I have several years of experience as a notary. Would this be considered a business?
I just want to get an evening job and I can type like 50 WPM. Can you please tell me what I need to start because I'm ready to start ASP!
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