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3rd-6th Grade Reading

Longer Stories
If you are a pretty good reader, this site has a long list of great online stories to read. Everything from Black Beauty (if you like horses) to the Beastly Tales.

Book Reviews by Kids
Do you have a book that you want to read, but are not sure if it is good? You should check out this site see what other kids thought about the book. Did they like it? Think it was too boring? You can even send in your own review of the book.

Folklore, Myths & Legends
This site has all sorts of folk tales from around the world. Did you read about Zeus in school? Or how about Thor? You can go to this site to check out other stories about your favorite myths!

Latino Books
Need to find some good books about what it is like growing up Latino? Check out the list and then go to the library to check out the books!

How a Book is Made
Ever wonder how a book is made? This will show you how it is done step-by-step!

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